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Accelerator Companies 2018 - 2019

We are currently taking expressions of interest from cleantech companies for the Accelerator. During spring 2018 we will accept 5-10 new companies.

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Active Accelerator Companies

Below you can find a description of the companies that are currently active in the accelerator


Alina uses an innovative production technology to manufacture clay mineral materials, available for building finishing product manufacturers to substitute the use of toxic chemicals and heavy metals in paints. The clay minerals are sold as an additive for paint products, prolonging their life and improving their appearance. Building finishing products are exposed to a number of agents and climatic conditions that speed up their degradation, which, combined with strict regulations on the use of toxic chemicals, challenges paint manufacturer’s to meet increasingly demanding standards. Alina offers a suitable solution for them: their products decrease the rate at which finishing products degrade, substitutes the use of toxic chemicals and simplifies the development of non-allergic, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic paint products.


Apparkingspot wants to change the parking market in the same way that AirBnB did with household renting.  Their model allows organizations, individuals and companies to easily share and rent parking spots among them. The users create a profile on the app or web, and from there they can quickly search for vacant spots in the geographical area where they are planning to travel to. An automated system evaluates – using sensor technology – the occupancy of the parking spots, and rents them out when they are available. The benefits are many: on the one hand, customers can rent out their parking spots when they are not in use, earning extra money, and on the other hand, people who book the spots can save money by pre-booking for a cheaper price. It would also reduce the amount of time cars have to drive around looking for a parking spot, thus, reducing CO2 emissions.


Cityntel is an innovative cleantech company from Estonia that focuses on highly secure wireless networking technologies for the growing market of Smart Cities. The company has created a brand new generation of intelligent street light control that uses a self-configurable, easy to install, wireless technology, called Lumoflex Lite. The technology consists of an electronic controller, which can manage individual luminaire operation by, for example, switching lights on and off or adjusting their brightness. The controllers are accompanied with an ambient light sensor and optional Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) motion detector. Once the system is in place and running, the luminaires work by themselves, which can provide savings of up to 85% on operational energy costs and up to 50% on maintenance costs.


Fourdeg’s solution improves the energy efficiency in district-heated buildings. In order to do so, Fourdeg applies IoT and cloud technologies to collect and combine data from each one of the rooms with external information (e.g. local weather forecast), to provide the predictive heating targets for each room. The solution is focused for buildings of any size and age that are heated with water radiators – either connected to a district heating network or being centrally heated. The system improves the energy efficiency in buildings by 15-30%, and improves indoor temperature quality, as it allows for a better – and more accurate – room temperature control. Finally, the solution improves also the efficiency in the district-heating network by levelling peak loads. It reduces overall CO2 emissions derived from heat generation burning coal, gas, wood and/or biomass.


Polylabs is an innovative chemical manufacturing company. The company produces and sells bio polyol, one of the key raw material in the polyurethane industry. The production process uses renewable resources – natural oils (rapeseed and tall oils) and amines. The production method consists of a one-step chemical process that creates no waste or hazardous emissions. The bio polyols are mainly targeted for polyurethane insulation products, such as insulation boards, spray foam and sandwich panels, although it could also be used on other industries (e.g. automotive, shipbuilding, etc). The products created by Polylabs help their customers become more independent from crude oil and reduce their carbon footprint, as well as to reduce the amount of catalysts and hydrophobic additives during production, reducing production costs

Previous Accelerator Companies

Here you can find a description of the companies that have been part of the accelerator during previous editions

Arc Aroma Pure

Arc Aroma Pure AB is a cleantech company located in Sweden. The company’s products are based on their innovative, patented CEPT platforms, which are aimed for the global market. The platforms help customers improve the overall efficiency of their production processes in the areas of biogas, wastewater treatment, and food processing. The benefits are reduction of  energy required in the process and improvement of production yields. Furthermore, the company complies with societal focus on low costs, high quality and environmentally friendly production. Biogas is a key focus area in the company, and the increase in production of biogas therefore contributes to the phasing out of fossil fuels and a cutback of CO2 emissions.


Distence is a prominent Finnish cleantech company that provides services for building the Internet of Things within the industrial market place. With the solutions, customers build new service offerings, save cost, optimize operations and increase their ROI. They make assets intelligent and increase asset level autonomy. The company is a leading supplier and developer of remote condition and operations management solutions for demanding industrial environments. The offering covers both OEM and retrofit solutions. In essence, Distence offers a digital two-way information pipeline between remote assets and business processes based on an open architecture, modular and flexible industry proven technology.


RecondOil is a Swedish cleantech company that specializes in re-manufacturing technologies for sustainable use of industrial lubricants. The company’s cutting edge know-how of chemical separation, oil composition and properties, and processing systems form the basis of their innovative technology. The re-manufacturing process allows for a continuous separation and removal of impurities (down to nano size particles) in the lubricant/oil. The result is an extremely clean oil that can be used over and over again in an almost never ending cycle based on a circular economy.