Arc Aroma Pure branches out

We are happy to announce that Arc Aroma Pure  has taken another step in its collaboration with the China Cleantech Accelerator   as Arc Aroma Pure and China Cleantech Accelerator Ltd have signed a joint venture cooperation agreement aimed at marketing and distributing BioCEPT® to actors within biogas production and water purification.

After having visited the CCA facilities on the ground in China as well as meeting several potential clients, and based on the obvious interest for the CEPT® platform, the CEO Martin Linde and the Chairman of the Board P.O Rosenqvist of Arc Aroma Pure made the decision to branch out further. As the China Cleantech Accelerator has strong connections to the trade and industry sector, it is possible to predict that there will be some fruitful collaborations ahead. We wish the team at Arc Aroma Pure the best of luck and look forward to hearing more about the company’s development in the future.

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